May 19, 2011

::By the hammer of Thor

I just saw Thor and it got me excited about wormholes again.  We were always taught in school that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  This is not necessarily true depending on what your definition of 'distance' is.  If you're talking about space, the shortest theoretical distance between two points would be an Einstein-Rosen Bridge; a wormhole.  Wormholes are shortcuts through space/time.  If we are able to bend space/time so that two points very very far away from each other now curve around and meet each other, then that would be the shortest distance.

I've been culling inspiration from weird places -- the unexplainable, the unattainable, and the intangible things.  

Maud Traon must have experienced the same thing as me, because these rings look like stuff you would find in the aftermath of a supernova.