September 29, 2010

::you'll stumble in my footsteps

I just read about this new designer line called New Kid by Rachel Beagley for Keds, which is available via Gargyle for now.. probably more places in the near future.  I already have a pair of Justin Ropers for the winter, otherwise I'd definitely be investing in these:

New Kid Dreamcore Boots - $185

I'd also have these hermetically sealed to my feet because suede + leather + aztec print + buckle?  HECK YES.  It's all about the details..
Slipstitch Ankle Boot - $170

Overstitch Boot - $185

September 18, 2010

::it's just like it's just like a mini-market

Ok if you didn't get my reference in the subject of this post, I'd encourage you to look at this gem.  Sigh.

I just found out about Swedish label Minimarket, which is run by three sisters who like to get weird.  Their A/W 2010 collection is the most far-out and imaginative one, but their other seasons are definitely worth checking out for their craftsmanship and aesthetic pleasure.  Collections like these make me wish I could walk down the street with my face painted similarly and somehow have that be normal.  Perhaps I'm missing a past tribal life...

^^Awesome pointy-toe tassel brogues, and of course a beautiful woodblock platform + suede wedge bootie to fuel my fires.

September 17, 2010

::a delicious slice of chocolate cake

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Alia, turned me on to the gorgeousness of the wedge bootie.  I was formerly averted to it, but I've since fallen victim to its clean, bold curves -- especially suede ones.  A friend to cankles and twigankles alike, they give you height but not the terror of heels.

Some of my fave picks, including unrealistically priced ones:
1.) Rag & Bone - Odval Desert Bootie - $450 // 2.) Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent - Kole Oxford Wedges - $325 // 3.) Marc by Marc Jacobs - David Boot - $350 // 4.) Opening Ceremony - w5 Wedge Desert Boot - $515 // 5.) 80%20% - Eliotte Wool Hidden Wedge Tassel Boot - $46 // 6.) JCrew - MacAlister Wedge Boots - $198 // 7.) Surface To Air - Bat Wedge Desert Ankle Boot - $413 // 8.) Jeffrey Campbell - Alexa - sold out ~ modeled after Acne Atacoma boots which are also sold out