November 17, 2010


Let's just admit something.  I love Google.  I love their design, their thoughtfulness, and their intelligence.  I am a self proclaimed Google enthusiast and would probably stand staunchly behind anything created by the Google brand. .. even if it was.... GOOGLE FASHION?? Yes, they just launched their newest endeavor,  I promptly signed up for an account and tried it out. 
When you create your account, you're led to a page where you choose between two styles/outfits shown.  You're supposed to pick the one that's closest to your personal style.  After a few of these, it puts you in a style category.  I got "Edgy."  Pretty good so far.. Next you choose your loves and hates for dresses, tops,  bottoms, and shoes.  For example, I hate floral print, the color yellow, turtlenecks, and square toe heels. The final step is choosing designers you love and hate. You're then brought to your home page where you're shown a summary of your style and different ways of exploring the curated results.  The more you use it, the smarter it gets because you can further hone in on your exact wants by indicating that you love or hate something you're shown.  I'm pretty impressed and would suggest signing up to see for yourself.  I'm excited to see it improve as they add more designers and retailers.  Between this and my Pinterest page, I've got my wish lists covered.