November 17, 2010


Let's just admit something.  I love Google.  I love their design, their thoughtfulness, and their intelligence.  I am a self proclaimed Google enthusiast and would probably stand staunchly behind anything created by the Google brand. .. even if it was.... GOOGLE FASHION?? Yes, they just launched their newest endeavor,  I promptly signed up for an account and tried it out. 
When you create your account, you're led to a page where you choose between two styles/outfits shown.  You're supposed to pick the one that's closest to your personal style.  After a few of these, it puts you in a style category.  I got "Edgy."  Pretty good so far.. Next you choose your loves and hates for dresses, tops,  bottoms, and shoes.  For example, I hate floral print, the color yellow, turtlenecks, and square toe heels. The final step is choosing designers you love and hate. You're then brought to your home page where you're shown a summary of your style and different ways of exploring the curated results.  The more you use it, the smarter it gets because you can further hone in on your exact wants by indicating that you love or hate something you're shown.  I'm pretty impressed and would suggest signing up to see for yourself.  I'm excited to see it improve as they add more designers and retailers.  Between this and my Pinterest page, I've got my wish lists covered.

November 6, 2010

::underoos ahoy

Although I refuse to spend copious amounts of money on such things as underwear and bras, there are some things that can be justified.  UK label Bordelle is positively the most crafted and gorgeous lingerie out there, with hints of S&M and birthday-present-esque tailoring.  Barbarella would be thrilled.  

VPL (Visible Panty Lines) by Victoria Bartlett, encourages underwear as outerwear.   Few people can really pull this off without looking tacky and unkempt, but paired with jersey layerings, a little sheer, and some futuristic cuts, you've got android chic.  I'm a fan.

::Sandra Backlund SS 2011

If you need armor to protect you from knitted bullets, then yes, these will suffice.
SS 2010 Collection via Trendland

October 16, 2010

::the wild unknown

My friend Julia just moved into a brand new apartment with only the clothes on her back and a few vital necessities.  When I visited the other day I found a pleasingly minimalist atomosphere within, balanced with hard wood and black leather, white linens, and this glass pyramid of wonder, that her darling boyfriend Justin gave her:

The "prism" consists of found objects, from the wanderings of Family Band member Kim Krans, and is welded together by her mother, a stained-glass artist.  $75-$130, all one-of-a-kind.  Also, Refinery29 just did a lust list with this item today, weirdly, which just confirms my suspicion that my brain is being tapped by spies.

September 29, 2010

::you'll stumble in my footsteps

I just read about this new designer line called New Kid by Rachel Beagley for Keds, which is available via Gargyle for now.. probably more places in the near future.  I already have a pair of Justin Ropers for the winter, otherwise I'd definitely be investing in these:

New Kid Dreamcore Boots - $185

I'd also have these hermetically sealed to my feet because suede + leather + aztec print + buckle?  HECK YES.  It's all about the details..
Slipstitch Ankle Boot - $170

Overstitch Boot - $185

September 18, 2010

::it's just like it's just like a mini-market

Ok if you didn't get my reference in the subject of this post, I'd encourage you to look at this gem.  Sigh.

I just found out about Swedish label Minimarket, which is run by three sisters who like to get weird.  Their A/W 2010 collection is the most far-out and imaginative one, but their other seasons are definitely worth checking out for their craftsmanship and aesthetic pleasure.  Collections like these make me wish I could walk down the street with my face painted similarly and somehow have that be normal.  Perhaps I'm missing a past tribal life...

^^Awesome pointy-toe tassel brogues, and of course a beautiful woodblock platform + suede wedge bootie to fuel my fires.

September 17, 2010

::a delicious slice of chocolate cake

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Alia, turned me on to the gorgeousness of the wedge bootie.  I was formerly averted to it, but I've since fallen victim to its clean, bold curves -- especially suede ones.  A friend to cankles and twigankles alike, they give you height but not the terror of heels.

Some of my fave picks, including unrealistically priced ones:
1.) Rag & Bone - Odval Desert Bootie - $450 // 2.) Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent - Kole Oxford Wedges - $325 // 3.) Marc by Marc Jacobs - David Boot - $350 // 4.) Opening Ceremony - w5 Wedge Desert Boot - $515 // 5.) 80%20% - Eliotte Wool Hidden Wedge Tassel Boot - $46 // 6.) JCrew - MacAlister Wedge Boots - $198 // 7.) Surface To Air - Bat Wedge Desert Ankle Boot - $413 // 8.) Jeffrey Campbell - Alexa - sold out ~ modeled after Acne Atacoma boots which are also sold out

June 12, 2010

:: i'm gonna re-align your chakras motherf*****

No, that's seriously what it's called.  Crystal brass knuckles by Debra Baxter.  NOT FOR SALE.  (●_● ) !!

Quartz & Sterling Silver


Some crimes against humanity:
2010 BP oil spill, the Holocaust, and THESE SHOES which I cannot even show a picture on the main part of this post, lest I uglify this blog.  I cannot venture to understand why clogs have suddenly become an accepted part of the style world, and why Jeffrey Campbell ::glare:: who is normally a provider of great things, would be the main offender.  Dear Jeff, why are these shoes happening to my eyeballs?  Please undo it.  [view the horror after the jump]

May 1, 2010

::the beast, the anti-christ

"A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast, the less he knows it."
- George MacDonald

There must be some part of me that doesn't want to let go of the beast inside.  Perhaps hearkening back to past lives, or my animal spirit, I'm always attracted to pieces like this.  Metalsmith Danielle Nicole created these Predator Rings as part of her "Guilding Primal Instinct" collection.  Are you seeing this?????  Are the only people that like this sort of thing, me, World of Warcraft nerds, and Danielle Nicole?? I want these permanently affixed to my bones.  I'm glad she did it in bronze instead of silver or gold, since it takes the Bijules-like quality out of it so it's not like Laqueesha got her nails did. One ring goes for $200, and all 5 go for $900.  ROARZ.

March 6, 2010

::cats and fash go hand in hand

There are things my brain forms automatic pairings for.  Like.. Sunday afternoon & brunch, pajamas & Netflix, and clearly, fashion & cats.  What. You don't understand?  Lanvin, Miu Miu, and United Bamboo sure do.

I couldn't resist this photo by Kim Kyung Soon taken for Vogue Korea with kittens abound.  How do I get the job of kitten wrangler on set?

February 11, 2010

::The dark Lord of Mordor in the 21st century

Finger armor from Luxirare .  If my day job didn't require typing all day long I'd be wearing the glove of Sauron every day.  Now all I need to figure out is whether I can still play guitar with that on.  BTW - if you haven't checked out Luxirare, you need to subscribe.  She (they? it?) is a creative genius, constantly coming up with mind blowing designs, with flawless execution and presentation.

January 29, 2010

::Online sales happening now!

75% off Winter

50% off all Autumn 09 & 30% off Winter 09

Honorable mention:
Alexander Wang Online - Basics at Gap prices 

January 7, 2010

::shoulders = not boring anymore

I've resolved the start the new year with DIY projects and not buying anything but necessary basics.  I figure this will last til I feel like I'm out of credit card debt, at which point I'll begin to rack it up again.  During my weekly Pixie Market trolling I came across a new brand of shoulder jewelry called Babette Epaulette .  She(?) seems to combine all the best body jewelry trends - chains, studs, leather, and fringe - for an eye-turning statement piece.