December 12, 2009

::Stay Away

::Alex Wang Pre-Fall

As always, mega-yay for Alexander Wang's collections.

::Augment This

As e-magazines become more popular and widely accepted, some are attempting to stand out from the crowd.  Fashion/photography/art magazine Spiral offers its unusual (and sometimes creepy) 'augmented reality' images.  A graphic design duo named Reed + Rader are responsible for these, challenging the reader/viewer to re-think how still images and movement change our perception.  Visit their portfolio for more eye candy .

I've started to read more online publications than actual paper ones because you can skip out on the 40% of pages that are advertisements, they're free (or relatively so), you can save images galore for later perusal, and it's eco-friendly!  I guess the only thing I really miss are the tear out perfume samples that I line my sock drawer with.  My current online reads: