September 26, 2009

::Bippity boppity shoe

Maybe I exist only in my head with my childhood fantasies but at least these Maison Martin Margiela glass slippers are a real thing -- sold for over $2,500 for the pair, in a very limited stock of 50.  They're obviously not made for real walking, which is probably why you're allowed to buy a single shoe; and don't you even try to scrunch your foot in there - ugly stepsister or not, your toes are going to look like play-doh up in that piece.

And now this:

::Masters of Today

Artist Adrian Riemann did a re-design of the Masters of the Universe, putting them in brands of clothing that they might wear if they were real people of today.  He used clothing from the collections of brands like Stella McCartney, Surface2Air, F-Troupe, and Y-3.  OH, and even vintage heels ::glares at She-Ra::.  I give props for imagination, and it would be awesome to see full color so they don't look like they're all wearing variations of the same uniform, and different high street brands.  Just sayin.


Wearing:  Jacket - Dior Homme, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Pierre Hardy



Wearing:  Jacket & Top - H&M, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Vintage

September 11, 2009

::let the wild rumpus start!

How many us wanted to be Max from Where The Wild Things Are when you were little?  Ok now how many of us as adults *still* want to be Max? ::raises hand::  Brooklyn neighbor Pamela Love has collaborated with Opening Ceremony to make this headpiece(?)/cuff inspired by the Spike Jonze film adaptation of WTWTA, which looks kind of like a combination of every character in the book all rolled into one.

Halloween is coming up -- obvious justification!

September 10, 2009

::to higher places

Cavern just launched its online store , which I've been awaiting as long as I've known about them.  In the past 3-4 years of existence, they've expanded to include housewares, accessories, and jewelry.

With clients like Beck and Devendra Banhart, Cavern Collection  has now carved out its niche worldwide.  Most of the tee graphics begin as ballpoint pen or pencil on paper, which you can see here and there on the LA based designers' blog.

September 6, 2009

::Paging Dr. Claw

Just bought this talon necklace from The Stylish Wanderer, who says she bought up a few from an old man who makes them in his basement.  It has satisfied my claw urge for now, which completes my menagerie (puma head ring, horse head bracelet, raven skull pendant) and I like the idea of supporting this mysterious old man.  It's also happily the least expensive of anything I've found out there.
$45 by old man wizard in basement via The Stylish Wanderer
$85 by LuxCoronette on Etsy
$100000frillion dollars by Pamela Love

September 5, 2009


No it's not a mis-type, it's the name of Japanese designer Daisuke Obana's menswear line.  Also known as Mister Hollywood (with stores under the same name), Obana bases his collections on ideas he's curious about, which have included Apollo 11, Amish Culture, and most recently The Fountainhead.

[From 2009-10 A/W Collection // Official Site]

Here's an interview with Obana via Diane Pernet from A Shaded View: