August 28, 2009

::let me in

First of all, my beloved wolf shirt is missing.
Questions I have:
  - Where has it gone?
  - Seriously, where is it?

Earlier today Refinery29 posted a bit on wolfy items which I will promptly one-up (or write the sequel to..) with my own roundup of my fave lupine things.

Recent accessory, in the transition season, a larger than life coyote tail (vintage please, or from a taxidermist.  I <3 animals).  It's attached to my purse right now, getting weird looks from people in the subway I GUESS BECAUSE THEY'VE NEVER SEEN A SHAMAN BEFORE.

*The* most amazing rings from Etsy seller Fleathers :  Ok so they're lions and not wolves.. WHO CARES!  I could punch a monster in the face with these and probably win.  Her entire collection is definitely worth browsing.  Hint* Unicorn rings are involved.

Of course the shirt that needs no introduction::: The Three Wolf Moon Tee.  

::all the better to hear you with

This is from the portfolio of designer Emilie Voirin. As far as I can tell they're not actually being manufactured but it just gave me mega ideas for my own boring and inelegant earplugs. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.