November 27, 2009

::None more black

uhhh.. I'll get back to you guys when I've sifted through all of these Black Friday shenanigans.  (halp!)

November 21, 2009

::The Emperor's new clothes

 I'm loving the body jewelry/hardware wave right now, from Bliss Lau's body chains to Zana Bayne's shoulder gear.   Might have to DIY something here soon!


Zana Bayne (love the styling on this)

::Keep it comin'

Rosalind Keep's Trompe L’Oeil collection [via]

November 18, 2009

::Graphic content

After initially feeling irritated by the graphic prints we've been seeing so much of,  I find that they have grown on me.. perhaps it just had to be done properly in order for me to appreciate it.  My faves are the lush and dreamy galactic print wonders by Blue Blood and Julie Eilenberger, and the ready-to-wear Zara top which I swear is the horsehead nebula stolen from NASA's APOD site.

Blueblood S/S 2010

Zara November Lookbook

Christopher Kane Resort 2010

Belle Sauvage S/S 2010

Acne S/S 2010


November 16, 2009


[Balenciaga 2007]

[Siwy - avail via Shopbop ]

November 13, 2009

::The land down under

Summer is definitely over in New York, but that hasn't stopped me from searching for reasons to justify the purchase of a swimsuit.  This year has seen a lot of all-over-print graphics rich items, and Australian label We Are Handsome  slays it with their hi-def prints.  I've been searching for a replacement 80's panther/big cat-face swimsuit for years, since the one my mom used to wear somehow mysteriously disappeared into the same place socks in dryers go.... but now I am more strongly wooed by the horse print's vibrancy.  Check the rest out here .

$163 USD - Limited edition // ordering ends Nov 30th (!)

::Don't fear the reaper

Just when I thought I was over finger jewelry I came across these tiny scythe-like rings made by LA based artist Renee Andriole.  You might accidentally impale yourself with them but it would be worth it to feel 1/50th part Wolverine.  Also doubles as a letter opener or a weirdo-stabber.  Trust me.. this should be part of every gentle-ladies ensemble.

November 7, 2009

::Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

 Self-described by McQueen as an apocalyptic return to our origins, his collection relies heavily on ocean invertebrate and reptilian print graphics and exoskeletal structure.  I see the camouflage of pythons and butterflies, the structure of jellyfish, the feel of Pan's Labyrinth and Holy Mountain.

November 6, 2009

::wooly mammoths

Sandra Backlund constantly amazes me.. a few from her current collection.

November 5, 2009

::Call me Ishmael

 With names like Wanderer in a Sea of Fog, and Portrait of a Sober & Honest Man, Digby and Iona make their wares seem aged, noble, and even melancholy.  Their collections conjure up images of voyage on the open seas or dust-laden adventure on the frontier with relics that channel the turn of the century in an Alaskan gold rush and "I drink your milkshake" kind of way.

I'm a sucker for hinged or interactive jewelry.  The locket opens at the top and the gun barrel ring spins!

November 3, 2009

::October-ish round-up

I'm back in town after a week of touring the Southeast back up to NY and I have blog-phobia.  I think the amount of things I have yet to catch up on in my RSS reader is daunting, even though I am hastily scanning through them and marking ones to come back to as 'unread'.  It's the same thing that happens when I'm behind in answering emails and calls back to people.. I get a certain special kind of 'whelmed' so I just ignore it and pretend like it's not there.  I have no comment about Fashion week(s) or Halloween, so don't even.....  In an effort to get back up to speed I'm doing a roundup of all the pretty pretty things that make my mouth water.  Viva!

Everything made by Aesa looks like something out of the story Dune.  The Gom Jabbar perhaps..